Other Rooms Portfolio

Our Finish Department offers custom colors and finishes, so you can match a particular color or invent a new one. Since we are a fully custom cabinet shop, we have nearly limitless combinations of door style, wood species and finishes. Only a selection of popular ones appears here.

Bench Rustic 371

Built In Rustic 340

Built In Rustic 371 1

Built In Rustic 371

Entertainment Center Rustic 356


Entertainment Built In Rustic 340

Desk Rustic 379

Bunk Room Rustic 340

Family Room Mountain Modern 340

Furniture Piece Rustic 371

Garage Mountain Modern 438

Library Rustic 356

Office Rustic 377

Office Rustic 377 1

Office Mountain Modern 343

Mantel Rustic 326

Office Rustic 410

Shelves Contemporary 239

Wet Bar Contemproary 239

Wet Bar Mountain Modern 340

Wet Bar Mountain Modern 388 1

Wet Bar Mountain Modern 346

Wet Bar Mountain Modern 343

Wet Bar Rustic 360

Wet Bar Rustic 371

Wet Bar Rustic 376 1

Wet Bar Rustic Blaikie

Wet Bar Rustic 402

Wet Bar Rustic 377

Bar Mountain Modern 201