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Our Service Process

We use a “Stage-Gate” Process to make sure we address every detail and keep the project on-track to meet the requested delivery date. An overview of the process, with details of each step below, is:

1) Information Gathering

A quick phone/zoom call to get architectural or interior designer drawings, budget, general timing and other information so we can prepare for the initial design consultation. Key milestone is to set up an Initial Design Consultation.

2) Initial Design Consultation

Key milestones are reviewing architectural or designer drawings and an initial meeting to discuss design objectives and budget.

3) Estimate and Preliminary Drawings

Key Milestones are to review and discuss initial drawings and our preliminary estimate, and commit to move forward by paying a Design Deposit.

4) Detailed Design Drawings

On Website with detailed explanation(need to add the word Detailed).  This is usually the longest step in the process and can go through several rounds to refine the design. Door Style and Finish samples are produced during this step, and the estimate is updated as necessary. Key Milestone is the design intent is finalized and frozen.

5) Field Measurements

Approximately 4-5 months before the delivery date, working with the builder, we visit the job site to confirm all dimensions where our cabinets will be installed to insure a perfect fit. Key Milestones are the field measurements and we issue a 50% construction deposit.

6) Fit to Field Drawings

This is where we take the measurement information from the field measurements and adjust the design to insure a perfect fit. In some cases, we uncover issues that require a more significant design change, which is promptly discussed. Key Milestones: Final drawings, estimate and sample doors are Docusigned approved and all open questions are answered. This is typically 14-18 weeks before delivery and it is critical this step is completed before the project goes to engineering.

7) Engineering

This is where the designs are translated into shop drawings for manufacturing and installation. Occasionally our engineers uncover a design element that cannot be manufactured as drawn, and again, these are discussed promptly with the client. Key Milestone is the job is output to the shop and we issue a 25% production deposit.

8) Production

Key Milestone is project has been completely manufactured and finished. We issue a final invoice for the remaining 25% of the project that is due before delivery.

9) Delivery and Installation

Key Milestone is that boxes, trim and panels are delivered complete except for doors and drawer fronts.

10) Doors and Drawers Delivery and Installation

We coordinate with your builder to deliver the Doors and Drawer fronts as the last step in the construction process to insure the product doesn’t get damaged.